Using Instagram as a research tool, design camping furniture that optimizes space and weight for an enhanced experience in a variety of outdoor activities.


Tiffany is a dentist from Southern California on weekdays and an adventure seeker on weekends. By capturing her adventures she hopes to inspire others to get outside and explore more.

I don't bring a chair backpacking because of the weight and size, but I would absolutely love to have one if I could.  I mostly manage by sitting on my sleeping pad."




Tiffany’s instagram feed is based around the idea of perching her in a beatiful landscape, and her photos are taken in such a way that she is almost dwarfed by the grandeur of nature. Though few of her photos feature chairs, Tiffany noted that she brings one car camping, but can’t justify one when backpacking.





Must be assembled in under 20 seconds

Able to sit on a wide range of surfaces

Stores in the bottle pouch of a backpack

No larger than a 2.5” diameter

Must weigh under 2lb

Can be carried in a variety of ways

Able to withstand outdoor conditions




There is opportunity for backpacking-specific outdoor seating that adapts to a variety of sitting angles and activities.


There is opportunity for backpacking equipment that accounts for the fact that most users sit on their backpacks and sleeping bags, building seating functionality into existing equipment.


There is opportunity for an incredibly collapsible outdoor backpacking chair that, though singular in use and positions, takes up virtually zero space and weight and is thus completely valid.